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Frank Lloyd Wright
Oakbrook Esser Studios is located in Wisconsin, near Frank Lloyd Wright's birthplace in Richland Center and home in Spring Green. In 1987 our studio was selected and authorized by the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, at Taliesin West, AZ, to reproduce the architect's magnificent full-scale art glass window designs. As Oakbrook Esser moves into 20+ years as a licensee of the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation, our artisans continue to create museum quality art glass with a sense of dedication and perfectionism that Mr. Wright himself would have admired.

Handcrafted in our WI workshop, each Frank Lloyd Wright Art Glass window reproduction is a remarkable piece of decorative, museum quality art. Oakbrook Esser’s experienced craftsmen have studied many of the original windows for the exact duplication of Mr. Wright's designs, skilled techniques and specialty materials. Our art glass manufacturing methods are every bit equal to and improved over those of the past, but they are still created much the same way that Linden Glass Company did at the turn of the century.

The art glass window designs below are examples of what is available. Oakbrook Esser is also licensed to reproduce almost any Frank Lloyd Wright Art Glass window design with the Frank Lloyd Wright Foundation’s approval. Please contact us if you are interested in discussing additional design options.
Many examples are shown displayed in optional custom framing. Each Frank Lloyd Wright art glass window is created to order.
Please call 800-223-5193 for further details, pricing and availability.

Bradley House, Kankakee, IL
Sky-light reproduction, a design from the Bradley House in Kankakee, IL

Oakbrook Esser also restored historical windows from the Bradley House and
replicated several door panels for the current owners.
Dana-Thomas House, Springfield, IL
Reproduction designs from the
Dana Thomas House Springfield, IL

Dana House small window framed
Fountain Window

Our studio’s craftsmen also design and create custom glasswork inspired by the Prairie School Era for businesses and residences throughout the country. Working with you to accomplish your design goals, our specialty glass can be artistically installed in a variety of options to suit your particular requirements as well as budget.

See our Prairie Art Glass.
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