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Church Stained Glass Restoration:

Damaged window
Restored window
Friedens Evangelical Church

Friedens Evangelical Church located in Port Washington Wisconsin is the oldest Protestant church in that city.  The original part of the sanctuary dates back to 1889.

A lightning bolt hit the church the night of July 8, 2002 during a series of thunderstorms.  The resulting fire burned through much of the sanctuary ceiling and severely damaged the sanctuary and the stained-glass windows throughout the sanctuary.

The eighteen stained glass windows show significant biblical passages and have inscriptions written in German. A former pastor characterized the windows as "sermons in glass . . . Each window," he wrote, "has its particular message that speaks to some condition and concern of the human heart."

Oakbrook Esser Studios was given the task of restoring the hand painted windows that could be restored and to recreate the seven stained-glass windows that were too severely damaged in the fire to be saved.
Great care was taken by the highly skilled stained-glass artists and craftsmen at Oakbrook Esser Studios to preserve everything that could be preserved and restored. The next monumental task was replicating the missing components, which included redoing the painting. Our company was aided by a pamphlet the church did in 1954 for the church's centennial, titled, "The windows of our church," which pictured each window and the German inscriptions on the bottom. Our job was to restore and/or re-create each of these windows to their original splendor.

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Damaged window
Restored window
Friedens Evangelical sanctuary after the fire
The sanctuary after restoration.



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